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Mississippi Broadband Connect Coalition

The Mississippi Broadband Connect Coalition (MBCC) is a non-profit group focused on producing a comprehensive statewide strategy for improving digital literacy, increasing access to broadband, and enabling greater adoption of broadband in the state.

  • The MBCC is led by Chair Jim Barksdale, the former CEO and President of Netscape, and is composed of over 150 industry leaders, community representatives, state agencies, and broadband end-users.

  • The MBCC consists of eight committees. These groups will meet throughout 2011 to create targeted recommendations for their areas of study. The recommendations will be included in a report that will outline a strategy for broadband development and use in Mississippi.

  • Broadband is a key component of economic growth, and in order to be competitive in the future, it is necessary to increase access and use of broadband in Mississippi. The MBCC will provide guidance to ensure that Mississippi's economy will grow and attract high-technology jobs.
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Are You Connected?

Are You Connected?

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Broadband Providers

Ensure our map continues to be the most accurate and up-to-date representation of your broadband availability.

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Collecting broadband information for education, public safety and healthcare facilities.



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